Sunday, November 22, 2009

It has been done

I have finally yielded to the temptation and am starting this blog. I'm going to be practicing over the semester, but its true purpose will be as a travelogue when I go to Europe this summer.
So, my trip will be to Ireland (most likely) or Scotland or Wales. The purpose of this journey, besides my own enrichment, will be to study first-hand the tombs and death iconography of Neolithic to Bronze age British Islanders. I'm thinking about trying to elaborate and/or criticize Marija Gimbutas' assumptions about the goddess cult in these regions, and also be preparing myself for the class I will be teaching next year: "The Last Rite of Passage: Death Ritual in Old Europe." If you are a student at Rice, please consider taking it, and if you are interested and are in Houston, consider auditing! I hope to make it an engaging and eye-opening course, and I also hope that my trip to the Isles this summer will further that aim.

Right now, the biggest problem to sort out is the money! I'm as poor as a humanities student (oh, wait...) and I'm doing my best to sign up for scholarships, financial aid, and randomly acquired cash - I don't think it will be enough unless I start saving some serious pennies right away. If anyone knows any scholarships, grants, or ANY free money that doesn't involve posting links on Google, I would appreciate the notification. Wish me luck!

Vale, Amici!

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  1. Ross!

    I'm glad you are starting a blog...look forward to hearing of your travels.

    Your bro,