Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Submissions to Rice Review & Rice Pudding

Three out of four submissions to Rice Review (R2) were chosen to be published: A short nonfiction called "Noble Savage," which is a condensed version of the "Ginny" chapter in Red Ochre and Cattle: Growing Up Texan, which I am writing. Two poems were chosen: "Odyssey" and "Ledge." "Odyssey" is about leaving Houston and going to Shiner, "Ledge" is about the lure and dangers of nihilism.

Rice Pudding is not going to start up this semester, unfortunately, but we're assembling a team and we hope to at least get started on the website soon. It's beginning to take shape!

My class (being taught about British Fantasy literature) is going well, magically in fact (pardon the pun).

And lastly, I have (re)discovered a really wonderful movie, called Sherman's March, which is a sort of documentary by Ross McElwee. It is an exploration of Southern Womanhood, and the difficulties of understanding and relating to it.

Anyway, that's all for now, because I'm feverish and I don't have the patience to pour more time into the transient, false universe that sometimes sends down ideas—what we all know as the internet.

In Conlusion:

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