Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm taking a hiatus from the New Masculinity posts. I have massive writer's block concerning them, and it's preventing me from posting anything.

Something that has been concerning me lately is more serious and concerns my work as a religious studies student. That concern is the problem of modernity. I will posting more about that soon.

On an unrelated note:

Anya (my dear friend) told me that I close-read people, not texts. I hope that's true.

Brittany (Nick's wonderful girlfriend) called me a host looking for a party. I hope that's true.

Thomas (friend and former roommate) told me I was a curmudgeonly old bastard. I think that's true, too, but I wish it wasn't. But other people have called my a grumpy old bear and other such things. There is definitely a theme.

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