Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ticket purchasing...wallet is sore.

I bought my airline tickets for a great price from AirCanada. I'll be leaving from Houston on the 16th and coming back to America on the 4th of August. Even though the tickets were half the price of the other options, the purchase still hurts my wallet terribly. Also, I finally bought the tickets for the Glastonbury Goddess Conference - another hefty purchase - but it sure is a good thing that the dollar-pound exchange rate is so good right now!
I am getting so excited about my trip. A real research opportunity, and a chance to really make a difference in the pagan studies field. I'll be using the British Pagan community as a kind of case study for a new model of classifying Spiritualist movements, including now a specific place for reconstructionist pagans, and different classifications for people who practice Wicca and who live Wicca in a traditionalist sense. I will be analysing popular mythology and the effect of literature on the groups instead of focusing on what spiritual tools they use to augment their spirituality, as several previous studies have done. If anyone knows of people who would like to be interviewed, I would appreciate the tip. Well, cheerio for tonight at least.

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