Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Tomorrow, I am leaving to go to England for the first time in my life. I can hardly wait!
It is likely that I will not go to Ireland, and only a bit of Scotland. Ferries and/or planes from the English coast to Ireland are expensive, and since my research does not address Irish paganism, I feel it would be a waste of precious money. Instead, I'm thinking about visiting Cornwall and Wales, and going to Oxford twice instead of a measly four days.
Cell phone calls from America are a ridiculous amount of money, so no one call me! Just email me or comment on my blog to communicate.

Pictures, notes, happenstances, apologies, and complaints are liable to be on this page from here on out, beginning with this one:
Because of my horrible habit of procrastination (and also due to the fact that the particular task I have been given is perhaps one of the most boring things possible), tonight my main task is not planning for my trip, but converting 14 pages of footnotes from one format to another. I am meeting with my religion professor tomorrow for breakfast to discuss logistics, and so my father can meet him. It is he that requires this tedious work, and he better pay for my breakfast!
I spent about ten minutes checking in online, but then I couldn't print the damn things. Oh, well.
And, final complaint for the night:
I miss Rachel and her family. I hope they're having a great time at the beach. See y'all in a month and a half!

Perhaps soon I will see places like this!
Photos will certainly be up for people to see.

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