Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preston Pagancon

I had a great day today at the Preston Pagancon 2010. Not only was it actually quite fun, but I got much information for my research, and made good contacts for the distribution of the questionnaire, which I should finish tonight.
I met several prominent members of the pagan community, and eventually furnished an invitation to a house in Manchester for an extended discussion. I swear I have yet to meet kinder people than the people in the pagan (especially the heathen) community. I got to interview Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (big names in the Neo-Pagan circles, especially concerning Wiccan traditions. I got to hear talks by 'Runic John,' a Northern Shaman and a really great guy, and Thor Skegga, a Northern practitioner, who gave a great talk (recorded by me of course) on land spirits in the Northern Tradition. And, on the whole, I had a great time.
 Also, I'm making some great progress with all the damn determinists in England, trying my hardest to convince them to fall back in love with their own culture and history (which is a surprisingly difficult task).
Well, then, happy fourth of July!

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