Friday, July 16, 2010

Splish Splash Bath

Bath is a tourist hotspot. I have met more Americans in the last two days than I have the entire rest of my trip. Don't get me wrong -- it's nice to hear 'bar' for once instead of 'pub,' but I am in England and I didn't expect anyone I met to say "skeedaddlin'" until I got home. I met a movie producer from South Carolina who had a helicopter crash and decided to go to England while they were repairing it. He was really interested in my research and he had some frightening stories about escapades with strange people in the deep bayous of Louisiana. Then I met a group of girls coming to the hostel where I'm staying that are from Texas State! Of course, none of them are from Texas (no Twang available). Then this morning at a nice Tea Room I met someone from Northern Michigan that raises bucking bulls for rodeos. Okay.
I've been trying to squeeze Bath like a sponge, and my wallet unfortunately reflects that fact today. I've been on the Bath Abbey tour, on the Roman Bath tour, on the Jane Austen Center tour. I've been to four different pubs, tea rooms, and pasty shops. I'm going back to the Baths later tonight when they light it up with torches. Plus, a 10 pound note dropped out of my pocket. Alas!
However, I have been talking to people an unusual amount even for myself, and I am about to meet the site administrator for the Roman Baths to talk more in-depth about the religion at the Bath temple, at the reccommendation of the tour guide yesterday. He said that she might even take me on a personal tour of the tunnels under the sacred spring. Let's see how charming I can be.
I'm staying at a hostel again tonight, but I'm tiring of the wierd shopping culture at Bath. I might go to Bristol sometime soon. Ronald Hutton has agreed to meet with me on Tuesday (for an hour), so I'm naturally excited about that as well. TTFN.

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